Sunday, November 22, 2009

Afghanistan and Political Expediency

Dear Mr. President:

In a previous post I asked why it wasn't obvious that we need to leave Afghanistan ASAP. I know that the lens for your reality is completely different from mine. The problem here is that I suspect you are letting concerns for political expediency affect your decision. Kennedy did the same thing in Vietnam as clearly delineated by David Halberstam in "The Best and the Brightest." Please avoid being caught in the same trap. Cow towing to the military industrial complex or placating the hawks isn't worth the sacrifice you make to achieve your goals. It makes everything worse. You have the power to speak the truth to the Americans - let us have it. There is nothing to achieve in Afghanistan that is worth one single drop of American blood. Please do not sacrifice our country's integrity to achieve your goals.


John Towell III

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