Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iraq Iran and U.S. Ignorance

Not only did our invasion (liberation? ...pshaw!) of Iraq demonstrably enable Al Qaeda activities in Iraq, an incredibly stupid act, we are now seeing the balance of power shift. While the Sunni administration of Saddam Hussein was enemies with Iran, now we have the Shi'a administration of al-Malaki in bed with the Iranians. This is shamefully stupid.


Combine this with the fact that our military is arrogant enough to conduct counter-insurgency tactics when they haven't a friggin clue is unconscionable.

When will we move beyond the "let's go kick some *-ass mentality" (*substitute Vietnamese, Iraqi. Afghani, or if we let the neo-cons run the show, Iranian)?

Combine this with the mindless rhetoric of Romney, I'm completely baffled how anyone could consider this country anything but moronic.

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